Kouamé Adjoumani

I now feel more confident and comfortable in my position

Today I feel more confident in my own capacities regarding my programme management. I think that trust in your own capacities is key to be performant. Professionally I can discuss the content of my programme and explain my choices and my strategies, I am also able to advice usefully partners and RFL teams on the quality and accountability of our programmes. (NB: Kouamé works as Head of Unit RFL at the ICRC, Abidjan Regional Delegation, Côte d'Ivoire)

I know more about humanitarian settings, the stake elements of a quality programme and Project Cycle Management. And I had the possibility to remain in my working reality while learning. I had the opportunity to challenge what I did and thought before - to make my own path in the light of what I knew before and what I have learned during these 8 months."

July 2016