Kasia Daghigh

I was able to decide on the module order, my specialization topics and study at my pace

After an extensive professional experience in private sector and international donor organizations, I decided to “boost” my CV with additional trainings and certifications. A friend highly recommended CERAH and its Master program to me. After a long reflection (...) I decided to start with the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Designing Strategies and Projects for Humanitarian Actionthinking that it would be already a great challenge.

Throughout the CAS and thanks to my professors, a very well-structured program, the constant support and coaching and last but not least a platform for a wonderful exchange between students and teachers, I decided to continue with my second CAS Health of Populations Affected by Humanitarian Emergencies, which was even more a challenge to me. Throughout the training I met great lecturers, discovered new views on many sensitives topics and thanks to my professors and their pedagogical approach, I found the confidence to continue with the Diploma of Advanced Studies and finally to register for the Master Program.

Thanks to the flexible learning modules and a wonderful support of the CERAH team, I was able to decide on the module order, my specialization topics and at the same time study at my pace. This system allowed me to consolidate my studies with my professional and private life and make of an intense academic year a wonderful experience.  

July 2016