CERAH was an important stepping stone on my journey to success

Batoul Kazwini is 30 years old. She did a Master of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action at CERAH. Batoul graduated in summer 2016 and was immediately rercuited as a detention delegate with the ICRC.

"What was interesting during the Masters was the critical thinking the professors were pushing us toward. One of the professors used to ask us all the time "so what"?. This questions sticks to my mind and always makes me dig more to learn more."

Batoul stands for dozens of CERAH students who decide to take a step back from their working realities and integrate a holistic learning process to better reflect and inform practice. Thanks to the possibility of scholarships, CERAH students form a vibrant intercultural community, whose professional and geographical diversities are extensively used as a resource in the learning process. Students like Batoul successfully use CERAH as a stepping stone to build on their experience and take their career further.

More about the Master of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action

The Master of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action (MAS) covers all aspects of humanitarian action and allows students also to specialize in 2 areas of their choice. The programme's core objectives focus on the acquisition of theoretical tools and practical skills applicable in present-day humanitarian operations.

Flexibility and Modularity

Batoul passed her Masters in 1 academic year - a prerequisite for obtaining a scholarship.

However, the Master of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action is flexible and modular, providing students with a choice of 3 options to build their own training path:

  • Option 1: In one academic year Starting in September
    Start with the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in September and finish in June or September. NOTE: this is the only option for scholarship applicants
  • Option 2: In two academic years Starting in February
    Start with a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) and end with the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) - February to February or February to June
  • Option 3: Full flexibility! Spread over several academic years
    Start with the course you want (either with a Diploma of Advanced Studies or with a Certificate of Advanced Studies) and do the Masters in 1 to 3 years


Masters' dissertations: a pool of knowledge

I remember Batoul as an excellent student. She really has a personal history, she has her practical experience and she proactively decided to strengthen her capacities by taking the Master at CERAH. Also her dissertation topic is directly linked to her professional experiences in Syria.
Bonaventure SOKPOH, Groupe URD, supervisor of Batoul's dissertation

CERAH Masters' students' dissertations illustrate the width of students' backgrounds and approaches. Looking at the complexity of Humanitarian Action through different prisms, CERAH students inform academic research with a valuable pool of knowledge.

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