Prof Gilles Carbonnier

Prof Gilles CARBONNIER, CERAH Board President, is Professor of development economics at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and lectures "The Political Economy of Humanitarian Crises" in CERAH's MAS/DAS programme.

"The 150 external speakers are the salt & pepper in the centre's comprehensive learning process." Read the full testimonial of Gilles Carbonnier




Prof Doris SchopperDoris SCHOPPER is Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva, and has been Director of CERAH since 2011. She coordinates the Certificate of Advanced Studies Health of Populations Affected by Humanitarian Emergencies, chairs MSF's Ethical Board and has been appointed member of the ICRC.

"Our students bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the centre and are a perfect representation of the diversity and complexity of the current humanitarian world." Read Prof Schopper's full testimonial.




Nathalie Herlemont Nathalie HERLEMONT ZORITCHACK is Director of Operational Development at Fondation Handicap International and course coordinator for "Sociology of Actors in Humanitarian Settings" in our MAS/DAS programme.

"The centre is a fantastic well of knowledge and experience". Read Nathalie's full testimonial




Hugo SlimHugo SLIM is a leading researcher on humanitarian ethics. He lectures on Values, Ethics and Moral Problems in Humanitarian Action in our MAS/DAS programme.

"The way you get aid and protection to people on time and in the right way is all about ethics." Watch the full testimonial online.







Jessica-Ramirez-MendozaJessica RAMIREZ MENDOZA, Master of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action (MAS), 2016/17 

Jessica Master's dissertation won the Swiss Humanitarian Award.

"I feel extremely excited and grateful and sincerely hope that this may showcase the beauty of this research topic and that my paper may be read and used."  

Batoul Kazwini

Batoul KAZWINI, Master of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action (MAS), 2015/16 

" The Geneva Centre for Education & Research in Humanitarian Action was a true stepping stone in my professional career."

A short video describes Batoul's journey to success: it traces back her personal path from Syria's emergencies to the Geneva Centre for Education & Research in Humanitarian Action and from there back to the field as ICRC delegate. Find the video and related content here.

Kasia DaghighKasia DAGHIGH, Master of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action (MAS), 2015/16 

She initially applied for a the CAS Designing Strategies and Projects for Humanitarian Action (CAS), adding flexible modules at her pace to finally accomplish the MAS.

"I was able to decide on the module order, my specialisation topics and study at my pace." Read more.

Bridgit Au-Gener

Bridgit AU-GENER, Diploma of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action (DAS), 2016/17

"The course grounded me with theoretical understanding and some practical lessons about humanitarian action.  The subjects broadened my perspective with regard to the social and political issues happening within the international humanitarian system." Read more.

Kouamé AdjoumaniKouamé ADJOUAMNI, Certificate of Advanced Studies Designing Strategies and Projects for Humanitarian Action (CAS), 2016

This distance-learning course bridges academia with working realities. "I now feel more confident and comfortable in my position because I better understand the different project designing paths in my organization." Read more.


Elodie PERNICI, Communication and Advocacy in Humanitarian Action (CAS), 2014

"Each topic of the programme is addressed with a specific blend of lectures, practical case studies and group work." Read more.


Dieudonné AMISI MUTAMBALA, Distance Learning Certificate of Advanced Studies: Designing Strategies and Projects in Humanitarian Action (CAS HDL), 2015

"I look at this course as a trigger for change in my organization, as well as for my team efficiency and for the effectiveness of our future projects." Read more about his experience in the residential Kampala session.