Master Thesis

Many of our course participants contribute to the reflection of humanitarian issues through their Master Thesis. Here you can find a selection of the top contributions from each academic year. To see the full papers click on the link to the left.


Annina HUNZIKER, "Decision-Making Power In Humanitarian Action: An Exploration Of Enabling Factors And Their Limitations In Redistributing Decision-Making Power In The Humanitarian Response". 2019.

Camila LABAKI DE OLIVEIRA, "Roles and Responsibilities of National Military in Crisis Response". A case study of Brazil. 2019.

Amera MARKOUS, "Humanitarian Action and Anti-migration Paradox: A case study of UNHCR and IOM in Libya". 2019.

Tarek TAWIL, "Humanitarian Negotiation with Non-State Armed Groups during the Global War on Terror. Challenges, Strategies, and Coordination Mechanisms. Between Humanitarian Actors". 2019.

Mercedes COLLAZO ALOS, "Humanitarian response in insecure contexts: remote programming and duty of care - the ethical responsibility of humanitarian organizations towards frontline responders". 2019.

Monica GONZALEZ BATISTA, "Enforced disappearances in Mexico as a humanitarian crisis: the importance of language for humanitarian assistance". 2019.

Muhanned NUAIMY-BARKER, "ICTs and the Participation Revolution. Can digital communication tools help include people receiving aid in making the decisions that affect their lives"? 2019.



PANKAJ, Paul, "The Protection of Unaccompanied Children in Humanitarian Crises: Legal Challenges and Recommendations in the European Union (EU)", 2018 

ARMAGHANYAN, Sonya, "Theatre as Psychosocial Approach in Humanitarian Settings", 2018 

FTYEH, Ehsan "Refugee integration in the european educational system: the case of Switzerland and Germany", 2018.

TASHTEMIROVA, Nargiza, "Changing practice: the role of law in protection activities. An analysis of the use of the legal argument in humanitarian advocacy aiming at the protection of health workers in emergencies", 2018.

YOOHWAN Shim, "Online Learning program as a Humanitarian Response to Higher Education for Refugees", 2018.


ABESSOLO, Stéphane, "L'applicabilité des stratégies de sortie dans les projets humanitaires: Le cas de l'approche Phase Over dans les projets d'éducation au Tchad", 2017.

AU-GENER, Bridgit, "Engaging Diaspora Health Workers in Humanitarian Action", 2017. 

BOULLE, Raphaël "Camping in the Humanitarian Space", 2017

EL AMIN, Mohamed "From Implementers to Partners? Towards a better understanding of challenges dacing UN-NGO field-based partnerships in the humanitarian sector", 2017

LYIMO, Thomas Victor "Programmatic factors influencing motivation and retention of community health workers (CHWs) in humanitarian emergencies context", 2017

MAHMOUD, Serri (Sura) "Challenges of Childre Born by ISIS Rape in Iraq", 2017

MATEI, Luciana "Branding: a business concept in the humanitarian sector. In the haze of theoretical and practical challenges", 2017

MOHAMED, Fakhreldin "Human Resources Management and the Protection of Volunteer Workers in Conflicts. Case study: Syrian and Iraqi Arab Red Crescent Societies", 2017

NU, Ja "Localisation of Humanitarian Action: a case study on Myanmar", 2017

RAMIREZ MENDOZA, Jessica, "The Role of First Responders and South-South Cooperation during Earthquake's Response and Management", 2017.

REFAI, Alaa, "When humanity is washed ashore of Europe: SAR operations in the Mediterranean, their challenges and roles int he context of the Refugee crisis" 2017.


ABUELGASIM, Meriam, "Communication between INGOs and the media in respect to the kidnapping of Aid workers", 2016. 

CHAVEZ AGUIRRE, Oscar, "Humanitarian Protection in Violent Urban Settings: Challenges and Dynamics" 2016. 

DAVIDOFF, Valérie, "The contribution of anthropology during the operational response to an Ebola outbreak. An analysis of the West African Ebola epidemic", 2016. 

ELGAYAR, Wasel, "Humanitarian shelter response in urban setting during armed conflict", 2016. 

HENNE, Sonja, "Responsible Deployment of New Technologies in Humanitarian Crises", 2016.

KAZWINI, Batoul, "Participation of people affected by conflict in humanitarian action: Between theory and practice Case study: "Al-Busira" project - Syria", 2016. 

MICHILES, Frank, "Nepal: Different Crises, Different Impacts", 2016. 

ORTEGA CRUZ, Constanza, "Empowerment of Women during Conflict and Post-Conflict Phases and the Role of Humanitarian Aid Organizations in Supporting Women’s Newfound Empowerment Gained during Conflict", 2016. 

SACKO, Moussa, "Action humanitaire et déterminants de la résilience des ménages dans une situation de post conflit: cas de la région de Tombouctou (Nord du Mali) après la crise de 2012", 2016. 

SALIM, Muhammad, "Delivery of humanitarian assistance by International Development Contractors (IDCs) and its consequences for traditional humanitarian actors – a case of Pakistan", 2016. 

SHAHZAD, Neelofar, "Participation of affected women in post disaster responses particularly livelihoods strategies – reality or myth", 2016. 

VANNATTER, Tricia, "Intimate Partner Violence and humanitarian action: considering cultural context and gender dynamics",2016. 


AL NAWAKIL, Marya, "Victims’ Representation in Humanitarian Campaigns: The Case of the Syrian Crisis", 2015. 

ARJUN, Claire, "Humanitarian Protection: Caught between Definitions and Practical Challenges", 2015. 

BILLAT, Celine, "The Funding of Humanitarian Action by Non-Western Donors: The Sustainability of Gulf States’ Contribution", 2015. 

CAICEDO BUCHELI, Maria Alejandra, "Promoting Healthy Lifestyles in Humanitarian Organizations: Challenges and Opportunities", 2015. 

MEILIAN, Lin, "What Made China Behave Differently? China’s Perception of Humanitarian Assistance", 2015. 

NZEYIMANA, Henri, "Localizing Humanitarian Response: Can the Rhetoric Translate into Concrete Action? South Sudan Case Study", 2015. 

SANCHEZ BEAN, María Celeste, "Creating Humanitarian Space in the Era of the Global War on Terrorism: Context of the Gaza Strip", 2015.