Humanitarian Organisations Database





The Centre for Education & Research in Humanitarian Action (CERAH) has launched a new, interactive Humanitarian Organisations Database with 2,500 organisations listed.  The development of this database aims to contribute to a better understanding of the humanitarian ‘ecosystem’ at its various levels, help interested parties navigate a complex sector and facilitate building partnerships for better programme results.

The database has been developed using rigorous research methods, and the result now maps the diversity of organisations in the humanitarian sector. The database will continue to be expanded with partners, including members of its Advisory Board. The Humanitarian Organisations Database also allows organisations to update and expand their own profile and not-yet-listed organisations can register.

The data on each organization was collected through a rigorous analysis process using organisation websites, annual reports, other publications and social media pages including Facebook and LinkedIn. The way in which each organisation describes itself, therefore, is the key reference for the entries in the database.

The Humanitarian Organisations Database complements the Humanitarian Encyclopedia project already underway at CERAH. The encyclopedia project analyses concepts used in the sector, and outlines where there are differences in usage or meaning, to try and bring greater clarity and understanding to the language used in the humanitarian sector.


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