Master of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action

The Master of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action is flexible and modular, allowing students to choose from two options to organize their studies - either a one year course, or a flexible 2-3 year course.

Option i: a mas IN 1 ACADEMIC YEAR 

The MAS starts in September with a first term focusing on the critical analysis of humanitarian action. 

It continues with a second term which can either be residential or online.

Term three is composed of five elective course and it is followed by the last term: a dissertation or a work experience. 

Note: This option is the only one applying to students who have a scholarship.



In this option, students have the flexibility to start the Master with the course course (term one), or with any of the other courses part of the programme. For example, they could start with one of the one-week five elective courses, or with term two. The detailed study plan is to be discussed with the course coordinator.  A dissertation has to be handed in to complete and obtain the MAS 


Note for Option I & II: 

The 3 research weeks are mandatory and to be taken according to the pre-established schedule, on CERAH Geneva campus.