Diploma of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action

programme description

The Diploma of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action is divided in five modules:

Module 1: Humanitarianisms                                                          

  • Genealogy of humanitarianisms (secular and faith-based, North and South, etc.)
  • Humanitarian ethics and principles
  • Philanthro-capitalism & humanitarian business

Module coordinators: Dr. Valérie Gorin, Prof. Davide Rodogno

 Module 2: Contexts, Action and Consequences         

  • Contexts, forms and times of humanitarian responses
  • Protection, health, food, shelter, people on the move etc.

Module coordinators: Jean-Marc Biquet, Dr. Christophe Gironde

Module 3: Revisiting Vulnerabilities and Needs     


  • Relativising ‘needs’ and ‘key populations’ (disability, HIV, refugees, women, children etc.)
  • Vulnerabilities, categories and indicators

 Module coordinators: Prof. Julie Billaud, Dr. Anne Golaz, Helena Merelo

Module 4: Humanitarian Governance, Norms and Principles

  • Humanitarian government and biopolitics
  • Normative and legal frameworks
  • Dynamics of actors

 Module coordinators: Prof. Julie Billaud, Geneva Academy

Module 5: The Humanitarians                                           

  • The culture of humanitarianism
  • Aidland

Module coordinators: Dr. Valérie Gorin, Prof. Alessandro Monsutti

A final paper must be submitted by each student to graduate. 

 The core curriculum takes place from September to December in Geneva, Switzerland. It is mandatory for all students doing the Master programme (or MAS).


programme summary

Location   Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action (CERAH)
Rue de Rothschild 22, Geneva, Switzerland
Duration   19 weeks, from 18 January 2021-26 March 2021
Programme type   Full-time programme of 30 ECTS credits
Programme structure   1. Intensive coursework
2. Research work on a topic of humanitarian action chosen by the participant
Teaching methodology   – Lectures delivered by academics and experts
– Intercultural classroom settings
– Participatory programme
Teaching language   Teaching is conducted in English
Written exams and dissertations are accepted in English and French
Awarded degree   Diploma of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action, corresponding to 30 ECTS credits. Credits obtained are valid for a period of 5 years during which they can be used to complete the MAS.
Degree is jointly awarded by the University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
Tuition fee   CHF 8,000.00
Participants   20 participants per year
Starting date  

Every year in September


For all details, please see Admission