Diploma of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action


Fees: CHF 8'000

Deposit (upon acceptance of admission): CHF 1'000

The registration fee includes the university fees and teaching materials. The payment of the registration fees can be made in several installments. 

If registration fees are not paid before the beginning of the course, access to the programme will not be allowed. 

At any time during the DAS course, the student can apply for the Master in Humanitarian Action (MAS) with an extra administrative cost. The credits earned (ECTS) are valid for a maximum of 5 academic years and can be transferred, within this deadline, to pursue with the MAS. 


Candidates should draw up a budget before applying to the programme. Those who are unable to pay the total cost of the programme and/or their living expenses for the whole period of the programme may add a request for a scholarship in their online enrollment. 


CERAH can only offer a very limited number of scholarships for living expenses and only according to predetermined criteria. Therefore, candidates are strongly encouraged to search for financial support on their own and as early as possible.

Candidates eligible for a scholarship are residents from and work in one of the countries designated in the DAC List of ODA Recipients either as 'least developed', 'other low income', or 'lower middle income'.