CERTIFICATE OF ADVANCED STUDIES: OPERATIONAL communicationS, advocacy & negotiation




Distance learning is a great study option which allows you to fit your education around work and home life commitments wherever you are in the world.

Our students use the University of Geneva's Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle) including web conferencing. This allows you to engage in academic discussions with tutors and fellow students. Through the Virtual Learning Environment, you will also have access to learning materials (lectures, readings, articles).

You will also able to interact on a daily basis with your lecturers and fellow students through the organisation of live sessions and online forums. These sessions will be both a learning and sharing experience for all students.

Students should expect to be within live sessions for around two hours per day, and will also need to allow 4-6 hours for individual work each day – to read case studies, prepare for sessions etc..


Certificate of Advanced Studies – Communication and Advocacy for Humanitarian Action

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Clear and efficient communication is essential to the success of projects carried out in humanitarian settings. The Geneva Centre for Education & Research in Humanitarian Action is one of the few institutes providing courses in communication, advocacy and negotiation that are specifically tailored for humanitarian action.

Communication in humanitarian action encounters several, important challenges. Humanitarian workers need to, often simultaneously, build positive relations with the affected populations, authorities and journalists, raise awareness and support, as well as lobby the cause they defend.   

It is therefore important for humanitarian professionals to understand the different needs, stages and strategies of communication which play out during humanitarian project implementation. These include the development of a real dialogue with all stakeholders - including affected populations -  the production and reception of information, the use of traditional and new communication tools and the cooperation with the media. Such practical expertise and competence needs to be complemented by critical understanding of the media landscape and the wider image of humanitarian action. This course delivers on both aspects.

What you can expect from this course

This Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) enables participants to acquire theoretical and analytical competencies essential to develop communication, advocacy and negotiation strategies in the context of humanitarian action.

At the end of the course, participants will have strengthened communication competencies and will be able to develop a proper advocacy or negotiation strategy in line with their humanitarian objectives and their environment.