Certificate of Advanced Studies: Health of Populations Affected by Humanitarian Emergencies


Dr Tammam Aloudat
Deputy Medical Director, Médecins sans Frontières (MSF), Switzerland

Dr Paul Bouvier
HELP Course Coordinator, Assistance Division, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Prof. François Chappuis
Humanitarian Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva

Dr Rudi Coninx
Coordinator, Policy Practice and Evaluation Unit, Department of Emergency Risk Management and Humanitarian Response, World Health Organization (WHO)

Dr Stéphane Du Mortier
Head of Primary Health Care Services, ICRC

Yves Etienne M.Sc. MPH
CYC and Waterlex, Former Head of Assistance Division and HELP Course Coordinator, ICRC

Dr Anne Golaz

Lecturer / Researcher, CERAH, Former senior advisor, Health in Emergencies, UNICEF

Dr Stéphane Hugonnet
Global Capacity, Alert and Response Departement, WHO, Geneva

Dr Heiko Herring
Senior Public Health Officer, Division of Programme Support and Management, UNHCR

Dr Nathalie Herlemont Zoritchak
Head of Programme at ACAPS

Prof. Karl Blanchet
Director, CERAH