CERTIFICATE OF ADVANCED STUDIES: Designing strategies and projects for humanitarian action


Certificate of Advanced Studies – Designing Strategies and Projects for Humanitarian Action

The difficulties facing humanitarian actors are growing as crises become more complex and uncertainties more numerous. Adaptation to context, comprehensive and systematic understanding, critical thinking are part of the preconditions in order to develop creativity and set relevant, qualitative and accountable responses.

This 7-week intensive certificate aims to reinforce the knowledge and skills necessary to confront current challenges faced by humanitarian actors working in complex environments. It emphasizes on designing adapted and flexible strategies and projects which integrate quality and accountability throughout all processes.

What you can expect from this course

At the end of the CAS, you will be able to design and adapt humanitarian strategies and projects in line with the specificities of each context. You will be able to provide coherent, flexible and creative humanitarian responses taking into account ethical issues, context prerogatives and the organization’s mandate.