Roundtable "Sexual violence against migrants: Time for Action"



Over 65 million people are in displacement, some for over 20 years. Fleeing for safe haven can paradoxically expose people on the move to greater risks and fewer resources. Migrants, refugees, and others in displacement may face numerous barriers to accessing urgently-needed health and psychological services. Criminal justice can also not be assured when traditional systems fail to reach across national borders. International humanitarian organizations urgently need to create and support effective, sustainable programs that can prevent and mitigate the risk of sexual violence, enabling victims to access life-saving services and continue their lives in new homes as empowered survivors.

Opening remarks

  • Peter Maurer: President, ICRC


  • Meg Davis: Coordinator of sexual violence seminars, CERAH


  • Hillary Margolis: Researcher in Women's Rights Division, Human Rights Watch
  • Nelly Staderini: Reproductive Health Advisor, Médecins Sans Frontières
  • Sophie Sutrich: Institutional Lead on Sexual Violence, ICRC

Concluding remarks

  • Prof. Doris Schopper: Professor at the medical faculty of the University of Geneva; Director of CERAH