CERAH End of Academic Year Ceremony


Geneva fireworks resized.png


A few days ago we celebrated our annual End of the Academic Year Ceremony. CERAH's staff, teachers, friends and supporters spent a lovely evening listening to our guest speakers and the class 2018 - 2019 of our Master of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action. The students, all humanitarian professionals coming from various regions and background, shared their experiences. They also thanked professors for challenging their thinking and pushing them outside their "comfort zone" for better learning.

ICVA Executive Director, Mr. Ignacio Packer, in his keynote encouraged students to remain connected with and support each other. Dr. Raphael Zaffran, of the University of Geneva, stressed the importance of continuous learning. Finally, our Director Prof. Doris Schopper, wished the students all the best to enhance humanitarian practice by applying knowledge in their work.