Working Papers

CERAH's Working Paper series represents outstanding dissertations by CERAH's MAS students.

This page lists all Working Papers thematically:

A chronological list of all Working Papers is also available, including an abstract for each.

Context of Humanitarian Action

Research into the conceptual aspects of humanitarian action, including the history of the sector, ethics, geopolitics, economics, anthropology, professionalization, the role of academia, and other theoretical and conceptual issues.

Michiles, Frank. Nepal: Different Crises, Different Impacts. 2016. Working Paper 40.

Salim, Muhammad. Delivery of humanitarian assistance by International Development Contractors (IDCs) and its consequences for traditional humanitarian actors – a case of Pakistan. 2016. Working Paper 33.

Billat, Celine. The Funding of Humanitarian Action by Non-Western Donors: The Sustainability of Gulf States’ Contribution. 2015. Working Paper 30.

Sanchez Bean, María Celeste. Creating Humanitarian Space in the Era of the Global War on Terrorism: Context of the Gaza Strip. 2015. Working Paper 27.

Nzeyimana, Henri. Localizing Humanitarian Response: Can the Rhetoric Translate into Concrete Action? South Sudan Case Study. 2015. Working Paper 24.

Esterman, Johanna. Towards a Convergence of Humanitarian and Development Assistance through Cash Transfers to Host Communities. A Case Study on Wadi Khaled and Akroum - Akkar District, Lebanon. 2014. Working Paper 22.

Wyss Isaza, Eric. Supporting Conflict Transformation and Victims in Colombia: An Analysis of the Official Development Assistance from 2002 To 2011 and Beyond. 2013. Working Paper 21.

Fortier, Edith. La mort du civil dans les conflits modernes: Quel rôle pour l’action humanitaire ? Vers une définition d’un espace civil et de sa relation à l’action humanitaire. 2011. Working Paper 8.

Health in Humanitarian Contexts

Research on medical and health considerations in humanitairian action, including sexual and reproductive health, and issues related to sexual violence.

Vannatter, Tricia. Intimate Partner Violence and humanitarian action: considering cultural context and gender dynamics. 2016. Working Paper 43.

Au-Gener, Bridgit. Engaging Diaspora Health Workers in Humanitarian Action. 2017. Working Paper 42.

Davidoff, Valérie. The contribution of anthropology during the operational response to an Ebola outbreak. An analysis of the West African Ebola epidemic. 2016. Working Paper 39.

Caicedo Bucheli, Maria Alejandra. Promoting Healthy Lifestyles in Humanitarian Organizations: Challenges and Opportunities. 2015. Working Paper 29.

Tewolde, Mehari. Lessons Learned from Task Shifting for ART: Could it be Applied to Diabetes Mellitus Therapy in Sub-Saharan Africa? 2015. Working Paper 28.

Piraux, Anne. Hétérodoxie de la compassion: Influence de la franc-maçonnerie dans l’émergence de l’action humanitaire sécularisée au xixème siècle. 2013. Working Paper 19.

Vionnet, Cédric. Les blessures invisibles liées au stress qu’endurent les travailleurs humanitaires. Les cas de MSF et du CICR. 2012. Working Paper 15.

Weber, Nicole. Culturally Competent Humanitarian Actors: Addressing Psychosocial Wellbeing in Refugees: The Case of Hmong Children in the United States. 2010. Working Paper 2.

Legal Aspects of Humanitarian Action

Research into the laws and legal principles that affect humanitarian action, including international humanitarian law, human rights, and the rights to food and protection.

Studer, Eva. Respect and Promotion of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities during Armed Conflicts. 2010. Working Paper 1.

Claire, Arjun. Humanitarian Protection: Caught between Definitions and Practical Challenges. 2015. Working Paper 23.

Gvalia, Eka. Increased Participation of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPS): Proposal for the Improvement of the Implementation of the State Strategy Action Plan on IDPS in Georgia. 2013. Working Paper 20.

Aliassi, Taimoor. Drug Addiction as a Human Right Issue in Iran. 2013. Working Paper 18.

Nizigiyimana, Pierre Claver. L'amélioration des conditions sanitaires dans les prisons du Burundi. 2012. Working Paper 12.

Carron, Patricia. En Suisse, je peux ! 2011. Working Paper 9.

Phelippeau, Gabriel. La cour pénale internationale et l'espace humanitaire. 2011. Working Paper 4.

Bognini, Yabah Berthe. Sanction des violations du DIH et réconciliation post-conflit: d’une étude évaluative de la Sierra-Leone à des applications ultérieures en Côte d’Ivoire et au Soudan. 2011. Working Paper 3.

Practice of Humanitarian Action

Research into operational considerations for humanitarian action, such as strategy, logistics, management, communication,  and human resources.

Refai, Alaa. When humanity is washed ashore of Europe: SAR operations in the Mediterranean, their challenges and roles int he context of the Refugee crisis. 2016-17. Working Paper 48.

Abessolo, Stéphane. L'applicabilité des stratégies de sortie dans les projets humanitaires: Le cas de l'approche Phase Over dans les projets d'éducation au Tchad. 2016-17. Working Paper 47.

Ramirez Mendoza, Jessica. The Role of First Responders and South-South Cooperation during Earthquake's Response and Management. 2016-17. Working Paper 46.

Legris, Yvan. The concept of efficiency: A review of the concept and its application to the performance evaluation of humanitarian action. 2016. Working Paper 45.

Henne, Sonja. Responsible Deployment of New Technologies in Humanitarian Crises. 2016. Working Paper 41.

Elgayar, Wasel. Humanitarian shelter response in urban setting during armed conflict. 2016. Working Paper 41.

Kazwini, Batoul. Participation of people affected by conflict in humanitarian action: Between theory and practice Case study: "Al-Busira" project - Syria. 2016. Working Paper 38.

Sacko, Moussa. Action humanitaire et déterminants de la résilience des ménages dans une situation de post conflit: cas de la région de Tombouctou (Nord du Mali) après la crise de 2012. 2016. Working Paper 37.

Chavez Aguirre, Oscar. Humanitarian Protection in Violent Urban Settings: Challenges and Dynamics. 2016. Working Paper 36.

Shahzad, Neelofar. Participation of affected women in post disaster responses particularly livelihoods strategies – reality or myth. 2016. Working Paper 35.

Ortega Cruz, Constanza. Empowerment of Women during Conflict and Post-Conflict Phases and the Role of Humanitarian Aid Organizations in Supporting Women’s Newfound Empowerment Gained during Conflict. 2016. Working Paper 34.

Abuelgasim, Meriam. Communication between INGOs and the media in respect to the kidnapping of Aid workers. 2016. Working Paper 31.

Meilian, Lin. What Made China Behave Differently? China’s Perception of Humanitarian Assistance. 2015. Working Paper 26.

Al Nawakil, Marya. Victims’ Representation in Humanitarian Campaigns: The Case of the Syrian Crisis. 2015. Working Paper 25.

Tsitrinbaum, Yuri. Humanitarian Partnerships under Fire: A Case Study of Somalia. 2012. Working Paper 17.

Harerimana, Richard. La place des femmes dans les comités de participation des réfugiés congolais au Burundi, camp de Musasa. 2012. Working Paper 16.

Letang, Gardy. Approche intégrée de vulnérabilités et les enjeux de la résilience post-séisme 2010 à Port-au-Prince. 2012. Working Paper 14.

Letang, Gardy. Approche intégrée de vulnérabilités et les enjeux de la résilience post-séisme 2010 à Port-au-Prince. 2012. Working Paper 13.

Gahunga, Innocent.   L’insertion professionnelle des jeunes adultes en situation de rue au Rwanda : analyse critique de leur participation dans le projet du centre Iława. 2012. Working Paper 11.

Travieso, Berta. Humanitarian Workers’ Views on the Integrated UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 2011. Working Paper 10.

Agabekov, Ivana. The Challenge of Educating Girls in Bangladesh: The Millennium Development Goals Perspective. 2011. Working Paper 7.

Machado Paul. Intervention humanitaire en milieu urbain après une catastrophe d'origine naturelle : Ses spécificités et ses défis. 2011. Working Paper 6.

Faller, Paul. Video Advocacy and Human Rights. 2011. Working Paper 5.

Noutsougan, Amedome. La réinsertion des enfants mendiants à Niamey: Situation et perspectives. 2010. Working Paper 1.