Linguistic Research Internship



CERAH is looking for its intern to develop semantic and epistemological analysis of humanitarian concepts (Work Package 1 of the Encyclopedia of Humanitarian Action). 6-months internship from January to August 2017.

See the detailed job description here.

Job Description

Under the supervision of the Project Coordinator, the research intern will be responsible for developing the semantic and epistemological of the concepts selected for the Encyclopedia of Humanitarian Action. Responsibilities include:
• Refinement of the methodology for the semantic analysis of concepts;
• Identification of the etymology of each concept;
• Listing of the historical evolution of the meanings of each concept, using online databases when necessary
• Lexical semantic analysis of each concept using online softwares such as WordNet, ConceptNet or Frame Net
• Creation of a graphic representation mapping the semantic field associated with a specific concept (synomyms, words coming from the same root word, contraries)

Qualifications required

• MA or PhD student in English Linguistics
• Knowledge of semantic analysis research procedures
• Knowledge of the humanitarian sector is an asset


Starting in January 2017, six to eight-months research internship (until end of August 2017)
Interested persons should send a letter of interest and a curriculum vitae to Clara Egger, by 20 November 2016.