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Certificate of Advanced Studies - People Management in Humanitarian Settings

Certificate of Advanced Studies – People Management in Humanitarian Settings
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People Management is probably one of the richest, more demanding and key areas of humanitarian work. It has a direct impact on operations, on the quality of the humanitarian response and on people affected by disasters and conflicts.

On one side a growing pressure to reach a meaningful and quick impact in volatile and sometimes dangerous environments can create severe stress affecting staff’s well-being and motivation, on the other side the “duty of care” concept imposes a new legal framework to humanitarian organisations. These two factors added to the growing professionalisation bring new challenges for managing people in humanitarian organisations.

What you can expect from this course

For humanitarian workers in need of professional HR training, this course will deliver tools and methods to create effective HR strategies in a humanitarian setting.

For HR professionals wishing to move into the humanitarian sector, this course will deliver the skills to adapt their existing knowledge to a humanitarian context, including the knowledge about how to address HR challenges specific to the humanitarian sector.

This 7 week course includes 2 distance learning weeks.

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This course is offered in partnership with Médecins sans Frontières.