New visual identity


Happy birthday! A new visual identity is born

Designed as a living process, the collaborative research project Humanitarian Encyclopedia will develop a cross-cultural, transdisciplinary and multi-sectoral review of key humanitarian concepts. By 2020, the "living" Encyclopedia will engage a broad constituency of local, regional and global humanitarian actors, and bring about more reflective, effective and creative humanitarian decision making, while constituting a milestone in the scholarship of contemporary humanitarian action.

The ultimate goal is a more informed humanitarian community delivering quality programming thanks to shared and contextualized analyses as well as improved dialogue among stakeholders.

Partnerships are the DNA of the project

The new visual identity will allow partners, co-creators, contributors and beneficiaries to better identify with the Humanitarian Encyclopedia. The new symbol stands for humanity, co-creation, dissemination, evolution and solid foundations. It shall carry these concepts and values over bridges and across borders.

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Humanitarian Encyclopedia Logo