Learn as you work



Blended learning: Learn as you work and work as you learn

A concept that convinces more and more humanitarian professionals and gets is increasingly recognized in their respective organizations.

"Our 8-month programme is very intense both for the lecturers and the students. The course literally comes into their working environment and students reflect on their current practice as they learn, because we work on specific work-related topics with each of them" explains course coordinator Sandrine DELATTRE. And a participant added: "I have learned much more in this Certificate of Advanced Studies than during my BA. I am now ready to improve humanitarian action."

Not everybody can take one year off to study

CAS Student in full immersion Organizational and individual capacities need to be strengthened in the fast evolving humanitarian field to address the scale and complexity of present and future needs. However, multiple challenges (financial, professional, private) may prevent enrolment in residential programmes. CERAH's blended learning programme "Designing Strategies and Projects for Humanitarian Action" is an adapted solution for middle and senior managers who want to reinforce their knowledge and skills at work. During 8 months the e-learning modules cover 60 thematics which students confront with their realities as they work. A residential session in Uganda brings all participants together for 2 weeks to work in situ on strategy design and programme development for and with the local NGO Omoana House.

Cherry on the cake: the course programme has been developed in partnership with some of the largest humanitarian organizations and is delivered together with MSF and Groupe URD.


The next edition starts on February 12, 2018.
Application deadline is December 1, 2017.

Learn more about the course programme here or reach out to our course administrators at cerahgeneva@unige.ch