High-level recruits in CERAH faculty





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Picture: Professor Doris Schopper (2nd), CERAH Director, and Verónica Foubert (4th), Head of Learning at CERAH, welcome the new faculty members Prof Alessandro Monsutti (1st), Dr. Christophe Gironde (3rd) and Prof Davide Rodogno (5th).


The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) will dispatch three members of their faculty to teach in CERAH's Diploma of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action (DAS). The DAS is a stand-alone diploma, providing participants with an overview of conceptual and operational aspects of humanitarian action, and constitutes the core course of the Master programme. Over 13 weeks the modules cover the context of humanitarian action (historical, legal, geopolitical, ethical), humanitarian responses to specific issues (emergency-development, sociology of actors, health, political economy) and transversal issues such as vulnerability, anthropology and communication.

In addition to Prof Gilles Carbonnier, Professor of Development Economics at IHEID and in charge of CERAH's course Political Economy of Humanitarian Crises since many years, CERAH is pleased to have new on board:

Gironde-ChristopheDr Christophe Gironde, Senior Lecturer on Human and Social Development at IHEID
Dr Gironde will be in charge of CERAH's course From Emergency to Development
A glimpse on his profile:
Christophe Gironde is a political economist, currently working as a senior lecturer at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) in Geneva. He received his Ph.D. in Development Studies from the Graduate Institute of Development Studies/University of Geneva in 2001. His main domains for teaching and research are agrarian change and human development. He has extensive field research experience in rural Vietnam and Cambodia, and previously in the Republic of Congo and Burundi. Before joining the Institute in 2004, he worked four years as a researcher in Norway (Fafo, International Studies) and lived two years in Vietnam (1996-97) in the frame of his doctoral thesis. He is currently working on the process of land commercialization and their consequences on rural livelihoods in Cambodia and Ghana.




Prof Alessandro Monsutti, Head of Anthropology and Sociology of Development at IHEID
Prof Monsutti will be in charge of CERAH's course Anthropology and Intercultural Aspects of Humanitarian Action.
A glimpse on his profile:
PhD in social anthropology, University of Neuchâtel (2002). Trained as a social anthropologist, Alessandro Monsutti became a member of the faculty in 2010, after having taught at the Graduate Institute of Development Studies from 2003 to 2007. He has been Research Fellow at the School of Oriental and African Studies (1999-2000) and Yale University (2008-2010), Grantee of the MacArthur Foundation (2004-2006), and Visiting Professor at the University of Vienna (2012) and Arizona State University (2014). He is also Research Associate at the Refugee Studies Centre (University of Oxford). In addition, he has worked as a consultant for several international and non-governmental organizations such as UNHCR.



Prof-Davide-RodognoProf Davide Rodogno, Head of International History Department at IHEID
Prof Rodogno will be in charge of CERAH's course Geopolitics and Humanitarian Action.
A glimpse on his profile:
PhD, Graduate Institute of International Studies and University of Geneva
Dr Rodogno was a Research Fellow at the London School of Economics (2002-2004), Foreign Associate Researcher at the Institut d’Histoire du Temps Présent in Paris (2004-2005), Academic Fellow - Research Council United Kingdom Academic Fellow - at the School of History, University of St Andrews (2005-2010), and SNSF – Research Professor (2008-2011). Associate professor (2011-2014) and full professor since 2014 at the Graduate Institute, he serves as head of the International History Department (2014-2017). His doctoral thesis was published in Italian in 2003 and in English as Fascism’s European Empire (Cambridge University Press, 2006). Rodogno was grantee of the Rockefeller Archives Centre in 2011, he was grantee of the SNSF ‘Sinergia’ programme on a project entitled Patterns of Transnational Regulations.


Both the Director of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Prof Philippe Burrin, as well as the Rector of the University of Geneva, Yves Flückinger, have recently acknowledged their enthusiasm towards CERAH. The launch of the Humanitarian Encyclopedia Project on June 13, 2017 was a beautiful occasion for their shared message:

In recent years, CERAH has become an internationally recognized educational platform. The Humanitarian Encylopedia Project marks a new milestone, as an ambitious research project elaborated under the auspices of CERAH. We thank the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency (SDC) as well as the Advisory Board and members of the Scientific Committee for their support to this project, and wish you every success. In this context, we at the University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies intend not only to maintain our support to CERAH. We also plan to enhance that support through greater involvement of our professors in the CERAH's teaching and research activities.


While some faculty members of the University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies have been CERAH lecturers for many years, others have joined the Scientific Committee of CERAH's research project the Humanitarian Encyclopedia.

We seize this opportunity to warmly welcome Dr Gironde, Prof Monsutti and Prof Rodogno in our faculty. We are looking forward to seeing them embrace CERAH's interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral approach and let our students take advantage of their solid experience.