Exciting new year


Students and lecturers are excited to kick-off this brandnew academic year


Farkhanda, Million Lemma, Ehsan, Yoo Hwan ... Their names stand for the cultural, geographical and linguistic diversity CERAH students bring to class. And they come with many years of professional experience in the humanitarian or development field, a resource that is extensively used in CERAH teaching.

Three intense months to come

getting-acquainted_MAS-DASFor the next 3 months all participants will follow three intense modules that provide them with an overview of conceptual and operational aspects of humanitarian action. The programme covers the context of humanitarian action (historical, geopolitical, legal, ethical), humanitarian responses to specific issues (from emergency to development, sociology of actors, political economy, health) and transversal issues such as anthropology, communication, vulnerabilities, and project cycle management.

Diploma students will then complete their Diploma of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action with a research work. The other students will have a break before taking other modules until they complete their Master of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Action.

Every new start is full of excitement, both for lecturers and students. We wish them a warm welcome to CERAH and a pleasant, challenging and successful time back to school.