What a great DAS class


3 months of a joint journey

The Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in Humanitarian Action provides participants with an overview of conceptual and operational aspects of humanitarian action. The DAS is a stand-alone diploma, but its 19-week programme also constitutes the core course of the Masters (MAS).

Altogether our students brought 144 years of accumulated professional experience to class. Add to that the solid background of CERAH staff and dozens of external speakers and you get an idea of the peculiarity of CERAH teaching.

Time has come for celebrations

The DAS has come to an end and CERAH is in celebration mode. Students celebrate their vacations after 3 intense months of studying, while course coordinators and teachers celebrate the extremely positive feedback collected during and at the end of the course.

Our integrated and participative evaluation system allows for continuous improvement of CERAH's courses and pedagogical approach. Students are invited to "feed back" at the end of every week, at the end of the couse and - anonymously - on a dedicated online platform at the end of their studies at CERAH.

 Fig. 1 stands for two feedback axes: y = I have learned a lot, x = what I have learned is immediately applicable for my future professional challenges

Fig. 2 gives the general level of satisfaction concerning the DAS

"This is an exceptional class that stands in for every student with a huge lot of solidarity and respect" says Jean-Marc Biquet, DAS coordinator at CERAH. "The rich content responded visibly well to their expectations, especially in terms of understanding humanitarian action and terms and conditions of operational implementation".

  "I learned a lot from my colleagues (...) so many experiences, they helped me to contrast my view with theirs (whether agree or disagree) and were part of my learning process".

"I liked the variety of methods: group, collective, individual, video, lecture, guest speakers etc".

Anonymous feedback extracts of DAS students 2016