Faculty & Staff

Verónica Foubert



She is Head of Learning, responsible for the MAS, DAS and CAS programmes as well as the Thematic Short Courses; she co-coordinates the CAS "People Management in Humanitarian Settings".

Over the past few years she collaborated with CERAH, including coordinating the DAS week on Vulnerability: evolving concept and new challenges.

Verónica Foubert has been working in the humanitarian sector since 1999. She studied International Relations at the Universidad de las Américas - Puebla (Mexico) and after working in the private sector she moved to Geneva and worked at the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, mostly supporting the Kosovo crisis response. In late 1999 she joined the Sphere Project where she had a wide variety of responsibilities including facilitating the piloting of Sphere Standards in a country-pilot programme in El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua; Democratic Republic of Congo and India. Since 2008 she was responsible for learning and training management at the Sphere Project, and was in charge of the development and roll out of the Sphere E-learning course: Sphere Handbook in Action.

Fields of Interest:

  • Quality and accountability in humanitarian work
  • Vulnerability, capacity and resilience of affected populations
  • Professionalisation of humanitarian actors
  • Adult learning, e-learning, training of trainers