Professors and Lecturers

The diversity of experience and expertise of CERAH’s staff reflects CERAH's multidisciplinary programme.

CERAH’s lecturers and researchers have wide experience in the humanitarian field, and together accumulate many years of work experience with a range of institutions and multidisciplinary environments. Associated lecturers from other universities and institutions join the CERAH team according to specific teaching and research needs.


Prof Doris Schopper

Prof Doris Schopper

Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva and Director of CERAH. Following her medical studies at the University of Geneva, she qualified as a specialist in internal medicine.

Prof Gilles Carbonnier

Prof. Gilles Carbonnier

Professor of development economics at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies.

Dr Edith Favoreu

Dr. Edith Kolo Favoreu

Deputy Director at CERAH. She has worked in development for over sixteen years, projects in the field (Bolivia, Benin) and at headquarters of local and European NGOs (Central America, Chad, Haiti) as well as for UNESCO.

Verónica Foubert


Head of Learning at CERAH. She has been working in the humanitarian sector since 1999. She is responsibe for the MAS programme and oversees the DAS, CAS and TSC. She coordinates the CAS "People Managemetn in Humanitarian Settings".

Claire Barthélémy

Claire Barthélémy

Consultant and Trainer in Humanitarian Affairs, working as Coordinator and Lecturer at CERAH.

Jean-Marc Biquet


Coordinates the DAS in humanitarian action, the CAS Communication, Advocacy and Negotiation in Humanitarian Settings and leads the Thematic Seminar Advocacy for Humanitarian Projects in Health.

Maya Brehm

Maya Brehm

Researcher at the Geneva Academy for International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights. At CERAH, Maya coordinates the CAS Legal Environment of Humanitarian Action and the MAS/DAS course Humanitarian Action: Legal Issues.

Dr Meg Davis


Coordinates the Thematic Short Course on Sexual Violence in Conflict Settings and Emergencies, she is also a visiting scholar to the Centre for Human Rights and Global Justice at New York University School of Law.

Sandrine Delattre


Coordinator of the CAS Designing Strategies and Projects in Humanitarian Action and leader of the Thematic Short Course: Project Cycle Management.

Dr Wilma Doedens


Medical Doctor with a public and reproductive health background. She teaches during the Thematic Seminar on Sexual and Reproductive Health in Humanitarian Contexts.

Dr Clara Egger


Researcher at CERAH where she coordinates the Encyclopaedia of Humanitarian Action Research Project.

Dr Christophe Golay


Coordinator of the Project on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights at the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Right.

Dr Anne Golaz

Dr. Anne Golaz

Lecturer and researcher at the CERAH, she coordinates the CAS Health.

Dr Valérie Gorin

Valérie Gorin

She the weeks on history and communication in the DAS and she co-coordinates the CAS Communication, Negotiation and Advocacy for Humanitarian Action.

Dr Nathalie Herlemont-Zoritchak

Dr. Nathalie Herlemont-Zoritchak

Head of Handicap International's Strategic Policy Group.

Dr Elisabeth Meur 


Researcher at CERAH, where she coordinates the Encyclopedia of Humanitarian Action research project.

Cecilia Mornata


Cecilia Mornata coordinates CERAH's CAS on "People Management in Humanitarian Settings".

André Picot

Andre Picot .jpg

Coordinator of the CAS People Management in Humanitarian Settings and the Thematic Short Course Negotiation in Humanitarian Settings.

Dr Damien Scalia


Lecturer of the CAS: Legal Environment of Humanitarian Action.

Dr Hugo Slim

Dr. Hugo Slim

Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict at the University of Oxford where he leads research on humanitarian ethics.

Dr Sharon Weill

Dr. Sharon Weill

SNF researcher and lecturer at Sciences Po Paris. She is a specialist in international law applicable during times of conflict.