Faculty & Staff

CERAH Professors and Lecturers

The diversity of experience and expertise of CERAH’s staff reflects CERAH's multidisciplinary programme. CERAH’s lecturers and researchers have wide experience in the humanitarian field, and together accumulate many years of work experience with a range of institutions and multidisciplinary environments. Associated lecturers from other universities and institutions join the CERAH team according to specific teaching and research needs.
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Associate Lecturers

Due to the multidisciplinary nature of CERAH’s teaching, a large and diverse group of academics and humanitarian professionals contribute to the courses. They are the salt and pepper in CERAH's comprehensive learning process. Represented disciplines include political science, economics, law, public health, earth and environmental sciences, sociology and ethics.

Every year CERAH welcomes more than 150 external speakers - immersed in humanitarian action - who share the latest knowledge and learnings on most topical issues.
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CERAH Administration

Strategic cross-functional positions grant a smooth organization at CERAH.
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